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About us

Being a professional tennis coach for over 20 years I have always had the mentality of excellence, fighting fitness, and living a life of good health. Regularly when we do intense exercise we suffer from the discomfort that comes with high physical training, and sometimes I felt frustrated to see that people left their training routine only because of the pain of a tired body, and had to resort to medications such as Ibuprofen that they ingested daily to try to stay active.

That motivated me to do a lot of research on different more natural alternatives, and I discovered how CBD products have helped millions of people suffering from chronic or terminal illnesses, such as bipolar, fibromyalgia, different types of cancer. I learned that humans, like dogs and cats, as well as other vertebrates, have endocannabinoid systems – these are the systems that cannabidiol (CBD) interacts with to balance and modulate the other physiological systems found in the body.

From this interaction, the process derives a number of scientifically proven health benefits, and recent studies have shown that these benefits are almost identical for both humans and animals, plus routine CBD supplementation significantly improves inflammation, chronic pain, seizures, anxiety, arthritis, stress, depression, without causing some sort of hallucinogenic effect, as they only have less than <3% THC, so they are not psychoactive and do not cause addiction.

When I understood all the benefits and discovered all the variety of CBD products (tinctures, oils, drops, creams, edibles, capsules, vape, roll-ons, muscle gels, patches, topicals, pet supplements) I traveled the country and started building relationships with industry experts, which led me to create CBD Pro in Columbus, Ohio, and I made sure that all products are based on 100% natural organic CBD from verified hemp farms, undergoing professional laboratory testing legally regulated in the United States, to guarantee our consumer that all quality and safety standards are met.

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